Lecture Notes (4-09-09)

Lecture Notes (4-09-09) - of television And only spent 10,...

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Cultural Studies—and media Two kinds of culture: 1. High culture—designed for the few 2. Popular or “Pop” culture Pop culture is pervasive—has a large sphere of influence 98% of American homes have a TV set 40% have three or more The average household has the TV on 7 hours a day. Television Particularly powerful By the time a kid reaches age 18 in this country—he/she will have watched 18,000 hours
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Unformatted text preview: of television And only spent 10, 8000 hours in the classroom Consumer Culture Cultivation theoryheavy TV watchers views are shaped by what they see on the screen Belief in stereotypes (Research shows that people who watch TV frequently believe the stereotypes presented by their viewings ) Film The Merchants of Cool...
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