Lecture Notes (4-21-09)

Lecture Notes (4-21-09) - Increase in advertisingLA Weekly,...

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Plastic Surgery as New Social Issue Andrea Dworkin Quotation on how every part of a woman’s body is modified or altered Plastic Surgery Permeates Our Culture: Extreme Makeover Dr. 90210 MTV’s—I want a Famous Face—to look more like Brad Pitt, Elvis, or Britney Spears… Magazines—“plastic surgery watching” Ex: New Beauty, People, US, etc. Social Categories—Race, Class, and Gender Typically—this has been the purview of wealthy, white females. 90% of plastic surgery patients are women, mostly Caucasian Media Continues: Class Issues—increased awareness/accessibility
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Unformatted text preview: Increase in advertisingLA Weekly, Los Angeles Financing available, credit cardsplastic surgery no longer the realm of the rich. One- third now have an income less than $33,000 a year Whats the impact of all this media exposure? All this attention has caused a dramatic rise in plastic surgery procedures 1994- 500,000 cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. 2004- 11.9 MILLION procedures American Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery My Film Made Over in Americaexplores the idea of transformation through plastic surgery...
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Lecture Notes (4-21-09) - Increase in advertisingLA Weekly,...

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