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Lecture Notes (4-23-09) - Urban Environments Urban...

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Urban Environments Urban Sociology—Size? Or social structure? Study of urban environments/urban society Film Clip—Losing Lusk Cities—are relatively new development!— Homo erectus—1.8 million years ago. First to use hand axe/live in caves “Pre-urban” dwellers—families/small tribes Nomadic hunters and gatherers Technological Developments Fishing nets, pottery Axes Weaving Animal driven plow After these-the first permanent towns and villages began to develop. “The Fertile Crescent”—Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Israel Jarmo, Iraq considered first modern city (7000 years ago or 7000 BC?) Jericho, Palestine Egypt 5500 BC Rome 753 BC Greece 750 BC Dark Ages. .Then began to flourish again—Venice Pictures Industrialization Urbanization Megalopolis Urbanization
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In 1800, fewer than 20 percent of the British population lived in towns or cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants By 1900, this proportion had risen to 74 percent London held about 1.1 million people in 1800; by the beginning of the twentieth century, it had increased in size to a population of over 7 million, at that the largest city ever seen in the world. It was a vast manufacturing, commercial, and financial center at the heart of the still-expanding British empire. Industrialization Urbanization Currently over ¾ of Americans are city dwellers. Between 1800 and 1900, as industrialization grew in the United States, the population of NYC leapt from 60,000 people to 4.8 million Urbanization in the Twenty-First century is a global process, into which the
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Lecture Notes (4-23-09) - Urban Environments Urban...

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