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Unformatted text preview: ofit able cust omer r elat ionships by deliver ing super ior cust omer value and sat isfact ion. v alue 1 - 22 Cust omer Per ceived Value Cust • Cust omer ’s evaluat ion of t he differ ence bet ween all t he benefit s and all t he cost s of a m ar ket ing offer r elat ive t o t hose of compet ing offer s. 1 - 23 Cust omer Sat isfact ion Dependent • D ependent on t he pr oduct ’s per ceived per for mance r elat ive t o a buyer ’s expect at ions. expect 1 - 24 L oyalt y & Ret ent ion • Financial Benefit s • Social Benefit s • St r uct ur al Ties • Focus on pr ofit able cust omer s 1 - 25 Par t ner Relat ionship M ar ket ing • Par t ner s inside t he fir m All employees cust omer focused T eams coor dinat e effor t s t owar d Teams cust omer s cust • Par t ner s out side t he fir m Supply chain management St r at egic alliances 1 - 26 Cust omer L oyalt y & Ret ent ion Cust • Cust omer L ifet ime Value T he ent ir e The st r eam of pur chases t hat t he cust omer w ould make over a l ifet ime of pat r onage. pat Shar • Shar e of Cust omer Cust T he shar e a The company get s of t he cust omer s pur chasing in t heir pr oduct cat egor ies. cat 1 - 27 Cust omer Equit y Cust • Cust omer equit y is t he t ot al combined cust omer l ifet ime values of all t he company’s cust omer s. company’s 1 - 28 The I nt er net The • T he t echnology behind a New Economy E conomy • Applicat ions: “ Click-and-mor t ar ” companies “ Click-only” companies B usiness-t o-business e-commer ce Business-t 1 - 29 New M ar ket ing L andscape • Rapid Globalizat ion • Et hics & Social Responsibilit y • Not -for -Pr ofit M ar ket ing New • N ew Wor ld of M ar ket ing Relat ionships Relat 1 - 30...
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