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Unformatted text preview: M anagi ng M ar keti ng I nfor mati on Chapt er 4 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Explain • E xplain t he impor t ance of infor mat ion t o t he company and it s under st anding of t he mar ket place of Define • D efine t he mar ket ing infor mat ion syst em and discuss it s par t s. syst Out • Out line t he st eps in t he mar ket ing r esear ch pr ocess. 4-2 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Explain • E xplain how companies analyze and dist r ibut e mar ket ing infor mat ion. dist Discuss • D iscuss t he special issues some m ar ket ing r esear cher s face, including public policy and et hics issues. public 4-3 The I mpor t ance of M ar ket ing I nfor mat ion • Companies need infor mat ion Companies about t heir : about Cust omer needs M ar ket ing envir onment Compet it ion • M ar ket ing manager s do not n eed mor e i nfor mat ion, t hey m or n eed bet t er i nfor mat ion. bet 4-4 M ar ket ing I nfor mat ion Syst em • A n M I S consist s of people, An equipment , and pr ocedur es t o gat her , sor t , analyze, evaluat e, and dist r ibut e needed, t imely, and accur at e infor mat ion t o mar ket ing decision maker s. decision T he M I S helps manager s t o: The 1. Assess I nfor mat ion Needs 1. 2. Develop Needed I nfor mat ion 3. Dist r ibut e I nfor mat ion 4-5 • Assessing I nfor mat ion Needs • A good M I S balances t he good i nfor mat ion user s would l i ke against what t hey r eally need and n eed w hat is feasi bl e t o offer . f easi Somet imes t he company cannot Somet pr ovide t he needed infor mat ion because it is not available or due t o M I S limit at ions. H ave t o decide whet her t he benefit s of mor e infor mat ion ar e wor t h t he cost s. w or 4-6 • • Developing M ar ket ing I nfor mat ion • • I nter na l D a ta ba ses: E lect r onic Elect collect ions of infor mat ion obt ained fr om dat a sour ces wit hin t he company. dat M a r keti ng I ntel l i gence: Syst emat ic Syst collect ion and analysis of publicly available infor mat ion about compet it or s and development s in t he mar ket ing envir onment . envir M a r keti ng Resea r ch : Syst emat ic Syst design, collect ion, analysis, and r epor t ing of dat a r elevant t o a specific m ar ket ing sit uat ion facing an or ganizat ion. or 4-7 • Defining Pr oblem & Object ives • Explor at or y Resear ch: Gat her pr eliminar y infor mat ion t hat will Gat h elp define t he pr oblem and suggest hypot heses. h ypot • Descr ipt ive Resear ch: D escr ibes t hings (e.g., mar ket pot ent ial for Descr a pr oduct , demogr aphics, and at t it udes). pr • Causal Resear ch: T est s hypot heses about cause-and-effect Test r elat ionships. 4-8 Developing t he Resear ch Plan • I ncludes: D et er mining t he exact infor mat ion Det needed n eeded D eveloping a plan for gat her ing it Developing efficient ly efficient Pr esent ing t he wr it t en plan t o Pr management m anagement • Out lines: Sour ces of exist ing dat a Specific r esear ch appr oaches Cont act met hods Sampling plans I nst r ument s for dat a collect ion 4-9 Gat her ing Secondar y Dat a • I nfor mat ion t hat alr eady exist s somewher e somewher I nt er nal dat abases Commer cial dat a ser vices Gover nment sour ces • • A vailable mor e quickly and at a Available lower cost t han pr imar y dat a. l ower M ust be r elevant , accur at e, cur r ent , and impar t ial. cur 4 - 10 Pr imar y Dat a Collect ion • • • Consist s of infor mat ion Consist collect ed for t he specific pur pose at hand. pur M ust be r elevant , accur at e, cur r ent , and unbiased. cur M ust det er mine: Resear ch appr oach Cont act met hods Sampling plan Resear ch inst r ument s 4 - 11 Obser vat ional Resear ch • • • T he gat her ing of pr imar y dat a The by obser ving r elevant people, act ions, and sit uat ions. act Et hnogr aphic r esear ch: Obser vat ion in “nat ur al Obser envir onment ” envir M echanical obser vat ion: People met er s Checkout scanner s 4 - 12 Sur vey Resear ch • • M ost widely used met hod for pr imar y dat a collect ion. pr A ppr oach best suit ed for Appr gat her ing descr ipt ive infor mat ion. i nfor Can gat her infor mat ion about Can people’s knowledge, at t it udes, pr efer ences, or buying behavior . behavior • 4 - 13 Exper iment al Resear ch • • T r ies t o explain cause-and-effect Tr r elat ionships. I nvolves: select ing mat ched gr oups of subject s, select giving differ ent t r eat ment s, giving cont r olling unr elat ed fact or s, and cont checking differ ences in gr oup checking r esponses. 4 - 14 Choosing t he Sample • • Sa mpl e – segment of t he populat ion select ed t o r epr esent t he populat ion as a whole. populat Requir es 3 Decisions: Who is t o be sur veyed? Sampl i ng uni t Sampl H ow many people should be sur veyed? Sampl e si ze H ow should t he people in t he sample be chosen? be Sampl i ng pr ocedur e 4 - 15 Pr imar y Dat a Collect ion • Quest ionnair es: What quest ions t o ask? F or m of each quest ion? Cl osed-ended Open-ended W or ding? Or der ing? 4 - 16 Pr imar y Dat a Collect ion • M echanical Devices: People M et er s Super mar ket Scanner s Galvanomet er E ye Camer as 4 - 17 I mplement ing t he Resear ch Plan • Collect ing t he dat a M ost expensive and subject t o er r or er • • Pr ocessing t he dat a Analyzing t he dat a 4 - 18 I nt er pr et ing and Repor t ing F indings • • • I nt er pr et t he findings Dr aw conclusions Repor t t o management 4 - 19 • M any companies ut ilize CRM Capt ur e cust omer infor mat ion fr om Capt all sour ces all Analyze it in dept h A pply t he r esult s t o build st r onger Apply r elat ionships. Cust omer Relat ionship M anagement • • Companies look for cust omer t ouch Companies poi nts. poi CRM analyst s develop d ata CRM war ehouses and use data mi ni ng w ar d ata t echniques t o find infor mat ion out about cust omer s. about 4 - 20 Dist r ibut ing and Using M ar ket ing I nfor mat ion • • • • Rout ine infor mat ion for Rout decision making decision N onr out ine infor mat ion for Nonr special sit uat ions special I nt r anet s Ext r anet s 4 - 21 Ot her M ar ket ing Resear ch Consider at ions • • • M ar ket ing r esear ch in small businesses and nonpr ofit or ganizat ions businesses I nt er nat ional mar ket ing r esear ch Public policy and et hics in mar ket ing Public r esear ch 4 - 22 ...
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