The LING 350 final examination

The LING 350 final examination - The LING 350 final...

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The LING 350 final examination will be held on Friday December 10 from 3:30 to 6:30 in AQ 3003. Students may choose any three of the following five questions. The wording of the questions might be modified slightly to improve clarity, but not add new content. 1. To explain acquisition, researchers often assume one of two contrasting theories: (1) nativism or Universal Grammar; or (2) cognitive-functional or usage-based explanations. Explain how the following linguistic elements [one of (a) non-finite complements; (b) questions; or (c) word acquisition] are explained and interpreted within each of these theories (some data will be provided). Conclude with your assessment of the viability of each theory. 2. Explain the following characteristics of narratives/monologues in the [attached] Dumbo/SLI narrative (some of the variables that could be specified include: pronoun use, article use, temporal conjunctions, presence of introduction/orientation). 3. You will be provided with a subset of the data from Table 3 of Evans (1996). Using
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