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ACG 4401- Spring 2010 Exam 1 Study Guide The following study guide is meant to help you organize your studying. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of topics covered on the exam. You are responsible for all Chapter 1 o Characteristics of useful information Understand how the authors use the term system Know and understand the activities in the value chain Understand the how AIS is different from IS Understand the strategies and strategic positions on page 15 Chapter 5 Understand the Fraud Triangle o Who commits fraud and why? Chapter 6 Understand preventive, detective and corrective controls. Know the difference between control frameworks o COBIT- IT Resources o COSO Internal Control Framework- Just internal control over resources and activities o COSO ERM- Expands to provide assurance for the achievement of objectives Know Table 6-1 (COSO internal control) and Figure 6-1 (COSO ERM)
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Unformatted text preview: • Understand Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (1977) and Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002) o Know important aspects of SOX (pages 201-202) • Know impact, likelihood, and expected value Chapter 7 • Know Table 7-1 o Components of reliability (page 253) • Know and understand the Trust Services Framework o Four essential criteria (page 254) • Know information criteria from COBIT o Table 7-2 • Understand the time based model of Security • Be able to classify controls as preventive, detective, or corrective • Know about patches and patch management Chapter 8 • Confidentiality o Tools used to improve confidentiality o Threats to confidentiality • Privacy o 10 best practices (pages 296-297) • Processing Integrity o Identify controls as input, data entry, processing or output • Availability o Downtime, Back up and Recovery • Change Management Controls...
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