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Unformatted text preview: Instructions for Access Lab Session: Intro to Access At the end of this session you should be able to: Analyze relationships in a database Create relationships in a database Import data from an Excel file Create a new table and add records to a table Perform simple queries Back- up and Compact and Repair a database Instructions: Navigate to the in-class lab pages folder in webcourses and save database_AccessIntroLab to the desktop. Also download the ZipCodesReferenceTable to the desktop. REA Conceptual Model for this database Item Sales Order Employee Customer Zipcode Resource Event Agent Agent Reference Get to know your Database!!! This database is designed to take customer orders The tables in the DB will include one event table, three agent tables, one resource table, one linking/relationship table, and one typification table, which we will import. Identify each of these tables in the DB. Open each of the tables using the open button (or double-click on the table name) and look at the data. The look at the field names in design view. Close all tables before the next step. Import Data for Zipcode Reference Table In Access click on the external data tab On the import section of the MS Access ribbon, click on the Excel icon. Click browse and select the ZipcodeReferenceTable.xls file. Select Import the source data into a new table in the current database. Click OK Select First row contains column headings. Use the default selections and click next. Select chose my own primary key and choose zip Rename tblZipcodes and click finish. af73eca6fbca4ab9a3d1ecbe873a623a78f40544.doc page 1 of 6 Create the relationships 1. Under Database Tools//Click on the relationships button No relationships have been set in the DB. 2. To show the zipcode table, click on the Show table button at the top. 3. Add the zipcode table to the relationship screen and organize the agents, resources and typification tables around the event. 4. Place the zipcode table on the far right. 5. Identify the primary keys and foreign keys of each table. 6. There are four FKs posted. Identify which table is the relationship table. 7. Set the relationship between the tblSalesperson and tblOrder by clicking and dragging from the primary key to the foreign key (From EmployeeID (PK) to EmployeeID(FK) When the dialog box comes up select the check boxEnforce Referential Integrity. Set the relationships between all the tables....
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AccessLab_Intro_JC - Instructions for Access Lab Session:...

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