Fall 2010 Project 2 - Zane R Tollis decided in 1993 This...

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TAX 4001 Fall 2010 Judd Project 2   Your assignment is to individually  (no group work on this project)  prepare a  memorandum to the tax file ( see Chapter 2, Figure 2-6, Page 2-26, for a template concerning the research issue raised in Research Problem Number 5, chapter 8(page  8-45in the 2011 Edition, also problem 5 in the 2010 editon).  Your memorandum should  include the Facts, Tax Issue, Analysis and Conclusion. Use the UCF library website to  search a database (CCH Internet Tax Research Network, OR RIA Checkpoint) to obtain  the following tax authority to help you come to a conclusion regarding the issue: 1) Code Section 1221 – Capital Assets. 2) Code Section 1231 – Property Used In A Trade Or Business. 3) Tax Court Memorandum Decision: 
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Unformatted text preview: Zane R. Tollis decided in 1993. This case can be found in CCH using the following citation: 65 TCM 1951, and in RIA using the following citation: TC Memo 1993-63. HINT: The two cited code sections distinguish between capital gains and ordinary income treatment for the sale of assets. The question to be answered in this case relates to the character of gain – capital vs. ordinary for the two types of assets being sold. Your score on this assignment will be determined as follows: Professional Format 2 Points Clearly Written 2 Points Identification of Issue 2 Points Citation of appropriate authorities 2 Points Conclusion Correct 2 Points Total 10 Points...
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Fall 2010 Project 2 - Zane R Tollis decided in 1993 This...

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