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Investigating Solubility and Acid-Base Reactions Goals To investigate the solubility of organic compounds. To determine the difference between interactions and reactions. To observe the affect of acid-base reactions on solubility. Prelab (not inclusive) 9 Name, molecular formula, molecular weight, density (if liquid), melting point (if solid) AND STRUCTURE of ALL compounds. 9 For all parts, predict whether the mixing of materials will involve just a change in intermolecular forces OR a chemical reaction. During lab Constantly check with your partner to see if the results you and they are obtaining are consistent with your predictions. If not, is this because your prediction was incorrect or the experiment was performed incorrectly? Be Safe. Think About What You Are Doing!
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The Laboratory Notebook The key to the successful reproduction of ANY scientific experiment is the accurate keeping of records of what occurred in the laboratory. ¾ Data must be recorded accurately! ¾ Extensive observations must be made! Examples of observations (not inclusive): Appearance of unknown starting materials and products.
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