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Chapter 13: Kinetics - Be able to express reaction rates - Determine the order, rate law, and rate constant for a reaction - Know the integrated rate laws and half-life for 0, 1, and 2 order reactions - Be able to calculate the concentration of a reactant or product at a given time - Be able to use the “2 point” Arrhenius equation - Understand the collision model and the activation energy and frequency factor - Be able to predict a rate law for a given reaction mechanism - effect of catalysts – lowers activation energy of a reaction
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14: Equilibrium- know rules to write equilibrium expressions- know relationship between K p and K c- use “ICE” method to calculate reactant or product concentrations at equilibrium- use “ICE” method to K eq- reaction quotient – predicts where a reversible reaction is with respect to equilibrium- Le Chateliers principle – predicts how an equilibrium reaction shifts to relieve stress-...
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