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CH_102_study_guide_Exam3_2010 - -Know Lewis definition of...

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Chapter 15: Acids/Bases (skip 15.9 and 15.12) - Know Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry definition of acids/bases - Calculate pH (and % dissociation) of weak acids and weak bases - Calculate pH of strong acids and bases - Identify conjugate acid/base pairs – remember K a x K b = 10 -14 - The stronger the acid the weaker its conjugate base and vice versa - Understand effect electronegative atoms on relative strength of oxyacids - Hydrolysis of salts (predict if solution acidic, neutral or basic)
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Unformatted text preview: -Know Lewis definition of acids/bases Chapter 16: Aqueous ionic equilibrium (skip 16.7)-Calculate pH of buffers-Calculate conjugate base/acid ratio for a buffer of given pH-Calculate the pH of a buffer after adding strong base or strong acid-Calculate pH in a titration-Calculate K sp from solubility and vice versa (i.e. calculate solubility from K sp )-Effect of pH, common-ion, and complex ion formation on solubility-selective precipitation...
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