SEA4Task9 - Major Wind Systems All wind regardless of being...

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Major Wind Systems All wind, regardless of being a minor or major wind system are caused because air flows from one area of higher air pressure to an area of lower air pressure (Tarbuck and Lutgens, 2006, p.504). Simply stated, air pressure is the force exerted by the mass of the column of air above. As nature always tries to achieve a balance, wind is the act of nature attempting to balance differing air pressures. The main cause of differing air pressures centers on the unequal heating of the Earth. Solar heating is the foremost element in producing Earth’s wind systems. When the Sun heats a portion of the Earth, the air in that region becomes heated and rises. This causes a low pressure area to form. In the neighboring region, the Sun may not have heated the Earth as much due to cloud cover. Here, the air is cooler and sinks towards the Earth. This causes an area of high pressure. Due to the balancing of nature, the air from the high pressure area moves quickly towards the area of low pressure. This difference in heating is what plays a large part in the monsoons, or seasonal shift of wind direction, of India. During the northern hemisphere’s winter, Asia, a very large landmass, develops an immense seasonal high pressure system. This pushes air away from the area. In the summer, the opposite occurs. The large landmass is heated by the extra exposure to the Sun’s radiation. As such, the air is heated and begins to rise. A large low pressure system is created and
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SEA4Task9 - Major Wind Systems All wind regardless of being...

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