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Nicole Crowe A39989764 September 9 th , 2010 In chapters two and three the author begins to talk about the religious practices and beliefs for Korean American and how the college majorly supports religious beliefs and its integration importance in student life. From reading this I feel as though Korean Americans attend the U of I solely because of this importance of maintaining their religious lifestyle along with their intense academic life. A point Abelman stresses strongly in these chapters, is that many of the students in this book have experienced some sort of racial discrimination or stereotype at a time in their lives in the United States. I think a very important key point in this book is the idea of challenging the stereotype pressed onto Korean Americans. The students converse with each other about the households they came from and the intense pace of hard work their family life is and the strict discipline of school and church. From what I understand religion for many of
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Unformatted text preview: these students is very important and the image of being a Christian overshadows being Korean. I felt that was a really weird thing, why can’t they consider themselves both? In chapter three, it talks about the main motivation for a Korean immigrant and that is to come to America and have a successful career. From reading a few of the characters comments Mary’s father states, that in Korea people are judged very harsh for not having enough success in the workplace. I have a few close Korean friends and they are all very hard workers in everything they do so I would understand why they continue to strive this way. And I feel that since they expect so much out of themselves, that when they reach a disappointment in college it will be much more of a shock for them and cause some negative feelings about their college experience as a whole....
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