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Nicole Crowe A39989764 September 7, 2010 In the introduction to Nancy Abelmann's book, "The Intimate University: Korean American Students and the Problems of Segregation", she introduces the theme of college and how it is one of the earliest goals you set in life that will effect you for the rest of your life. Also she talks about he importance of an education and its great value.We all come to college with some type of an idea that is backed up with goals circled around what you want to achieve in life, however with great goals come failure or disappointment something that everyone will go through. In the beginning chapter and intro she tells us that she will be telling us about the struggles and experience someone not of American descent but of Korean American descent will. In this, lies the most important part of this reading. For example, the author points out that they are meant to bring diversity to campus, and dealing
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Unformatted text preview: with that alone sets them apart. They are meant to feel the same as any other student but they know one of the reasons they were let into a university is because it will bring experience with other races. This alone segregates them making them not only feel different because of their race, but because of the main fact that they feel they are here to create that difference. A main purpose of the author in writing this book was to discover why these Koreans immigrate to the United States for education. Chapter one has a nice distinction of what the college dream is versus the college reality. She states that many if not all Korean Americans want to go to college and not feel set apart for their color, but hope to be set apart for who they are as a person, the knowledge that they have, and the achievements they will conquer....
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