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Nicole Crowe A39989764 September 13, 2010 Chapter 6-7 Note Summary While reading through the last few chapters of the book I felt as though it was pretty scattered with details and certain instances. The part that truly caught my eye, and that I felt was quite absurd was the statement that was made by Mr. Han. He suggested that students who are more prestige in their academics should be able to take special courses at the University mentioned in the book. Here at MSU certain colleges and major requirements are given to students that show high marks in academics, this I feel is a more appropriate approach, and could of possibly been what Mr. Han meant. However, another statement by Mr. Han concludes my thoughts of his attitude and demeanor. He made it very clear by categorizing all Koreans, mentioning that not only do they usually end up in top ranks in colleges but they live to “show off”, even though he considered himself not apart of that category which I felt was funny, considering his statement was
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