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Nicole Crowe Com440 A39989764 October 21, 2010 Hubble Telescope Macro Communication Problems 1. The most important macro communication problem that happened with the Hubble telescope was coordination between the scientists and management and quality planning and control. 2. I feel these are the most important because after reading the article the main problem that kept affecting them was generally their lack of time management and working together when discussing deadlines along with the amount of money they had available. This kept setting them behind schedule more and more. If they would of stopped trying to rush everything and be the best then I think things would of worked smoothly. 3. It says at the start of one of the paragraphs that from the beginning Perkin-
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Unformatted text preview: Elmer had no flexibility because the company underbid the contract. As stated above, they from the start were already rushing the project because they were so adamant on being named for creating the telescope. Lastly, a very important communication problem that should have been used and could solve their problems better was working together and depending upon a larger context for the telescopes development. The management and scientists should have been working together and working on a better ways to communicate their ideas and processes so certain problems could have been solved or not even happened at all....
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