10-6-10 - 10-6-10 • Essay – choose one out of three...

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Unformatted text preview: 10-6-10 • Essay – choose one out of three possibilities o Define all relevant terms o Organize essays o Explicit logic o Provide sufficient evidence to support all claims o CJ’s was four complete double-spaced pages and got A • ID’s – who what when where, so what • Movies • Billy Mitchell o Wealthy and politically powerful o Racine College and Columbian University - left before graduation o Served in Cuba, Philippines, and Alaska o Made first predicitions about utility of air power for futre in 1906 article in Cavalry Journal saying aviation is future o Assigned to General Staff in Washington – youngest member o First solo ended in a ground loop o Never a great stick-and-rudder man o Knew Wrights well – even before he flew Especially Orville Wright o Sent to France Spring 1917 Ddays before entry into war o In Great War Thought he would be head of American Expeditionary Force (AEF) but a more senior man was put in charge who gave him a sub position o Worked with allied airmen to champion development of mass air armadas o Mitchell’s Offensives 1918 over St. Mihiel .. Stressed deeper strikes and more strategic targeting o Highly decordated and a Brigadier General by end of Armistice Unusually kept rank which was normally temporary o Upset about size of the airforce o 1919 appointed Deputy Chief of the Air Survice Disliked postwar demobilization • Numbers drastically decreased o Trademark Goes outside to sources and says exactly what he thinks about operations involving service and aviation Calling for increased funding for aviation and separate air service under a single department of national defense o Given Medal of Honor after WWII but was ALREADY DEAD Thought to have predicted Pearl Harbor nad various other major accomplishments in aviation o Insisted naval vessels could be sunk by bombing despite empirical evidence from WWI...
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10-6-10 - 10-6-10 • Essay – choose one out of three...

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