12-3-2010 - 12-3-2010World War II: The Pacific...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-3-2010World War II: The Pacific TheatersPlansoJapanese greater east asia co prosperity sphere a defensible perimeter combined with a Mahanian Perpective man who said to command see is the ___ of all naviesoU.S. been planning between WWI and WWII and preparing for the War in the Pacific this whole timeoBy 1920s and 1930s US was past color-coded plan and realized they need series of plans in Pacific and had rainbow plan 1,2,3,4,5 but didnt know who would be their alliesDoctinresoJapanese Naval DoctinesoU.s. Naval DoctinesoRole of US Army and AAFSeverely limited by range and distance just cant get there from hereEvents UnfoldoSignificance of Pearl HarborEfficacy of naval Air Power ProvenDetruction of US Battle fleetSurviaval fo US aircraft carriers, submarines, and POLoRapid Japanese Successes and ExpansionoJapanese Defensive PerimeteroTyranny of Distancefor ships and aircraftoPrimary Allied bases Hawaii and AustraliaoWay Japan played WWII was let other opponent make first five moves and then make theirsoAfter the resources in southeast asia: rubber, petroleum, tin etcCut off nations oil supply is huge when we cut off Japans a result was Pearl HarboroUS Army told we needed to hold 5 months in Philipines and then navy would...
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12-3-2010 - 12-3-2010World War II: The Pacific...

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