Writing a Theatre Review

Writing a Theatre Review - WRITING A THEATRE REVIEW When...

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WRITING A THEATRE REVIEW When writing a theatre review, you need to remember some important components The Acting The acting aspect is probably most important. If it is available, it is a good idea to read the play before you go see it so that you are familiar with the script ahead of time. Make sure you know all of the characters' names and the actors who are playing them. The Playbill is an ideal place in which to find all this information. Ask yourself if the actors understand what they are saying. How familiar are they with the script? Do they really know what the play is all about? Also look to see if each actor is “connecting” well with his/her character and other characters. (However, keep in mind that everyone has a very unique style of acting and maybe even comment on that.) How well are they giving and taking focus? Is there any one person who sticks out in your head as "hogging" all the attention? (Make sure that you comment on that.) Also, we don’t want to hear that Hamlet was stupid for not acting immediately and should have killed Claudius while he was praying. I want to read how amazing Kenneth P. Strong was in playing the role of Hamlet and how he acted in those particular moments. Give everyone credit. Justify your reasoning for not liking (or really liking) an actor's performance. The Technical Another aspect to look at is the technical. This includes everything from the set, the lights and sound to the costumes and makeup. Someone once said that if the technical aspect of the performance becomes noticeable, then it was not effective. Keep in mind that the lights, sound, makeup, etc. are there to
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Writing a Theatre Review - WRITING A THEATRE REVIEW When...

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