12-6-2010 Master Harold Notes & Final review

12-6-2010 Master Harold Notes & Final review -...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-6-2010Review for Final•Updated/new study guideoAligned better with materialoKnow things in boldNot only job but components of job – see Actor’s ToolboxoNew vocabularyoEveryman, Krapps, Othello, A dll’s House Don’t worry about details and specifics within the plots – NO QUOTES from these playsMore general theme, play, time written, type, TRUE/FALSE most likelyoLast 4 – Know characters, specifics in plots – QUOTESoWednesday be in office 12:00 – 12:30pm if any last minute questionsMaster Harold•During Apartheid of South Africa•Father is still sickoBlack man/servant named Sam says he should stay in hospitaloSuggest it gets lonely in there with patients and nursesSon suggests its worse at home with him at school and mom in business•Boy complains life is a bloody mess•“princicple of perpetual disappointment” – Hally (boy) •Sam seems to try and make things right and look on the positive side – optimist•Hally is a pessimistoWants to be left alone when Sam tries to chear him up and begins making Hally in better spirits•Sam teaches other servant to dance a little and instructs him while Hally is working•Sam thinks its funny to do assignment on dance annual contest bc teacher doesn’t think its good to do anything on black events•Describes danceoOnly standing room left oPeople coming from all overoHally is now interested intellectuallyThinking of writing paper on the subjectThinks event is more significantSam is happy that white Hally thinks the black event is important and could be viewed as an important intellectual event even though it...
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12-6-2010 Master Harold Notes & Final review -...

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