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Brotherly Love - Class Review - BrotherlyLoveReview...

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Brotherly Love – Review  Turner hanged and skinned o Why skinned? Made into souvenirs Lynchings were well documented and souvenir postcards were made of  them Could even take pictures with family and kids with executed body  3 rebellions in antebellum America – Why was Turner’s special in history and different  than other 2 major revellions? o His is the only one that had his input Left a document with his lawyer It is what he said to his lawyer and then written down by this white lawyer  which was published for money Authenticity is questioned o Gabriel – revolt in Richmond in 1800 o Nor Denmark Beezy testified Everything we know from these other two is from the white citizens in  Charleston and alleged conspirators o Even reading his account second-hand it is obvious that it is planned, plotted,  and conceived rather than a delusional estate o Turner did not hate his owner – didn’t even kill anyone else – was owned by a  child so the one person he killed out of the 55 was this one child due to the  psychological toll it takes from one to be owned by a child when a grown man
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o Even though lots of reasons not to believe the transcript there are many reason we should and that it makes sense as well There the real confessions of Nat Turner and the novel of Nat Turner o BE CAREFUL which one you refer to and look at in regards to this event Professor saw Denmark Beezy’s house a little while back o For sale $300,000 house right near UVA in Charleston o Not even advertised as his house – faded from history
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Brotherly Love - Class Review - BrotherlyLoveReview...

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