Essay 2 - Our Nig and Incidents in the Life

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AFRO-AMERICAN STUDIES 101 Fall 2010 ESSAY ASSIGNMENT McMillan Freedom and Slavery in Ante-Bellum America GENERAL REQUIREMENTS : Based on the writings of Harriet Jacobs and Harriet Wilson, explore the various meanings of freedom and slavery among Americans in the 19 th century. Write an essay that incorporates your own ideas while using the material provided by these two 19 th century American women. Specifically consider the following questions in your essay (but please go beyond merely answering these questions): 1) How did Frado define freedom? 2) Why did Frado see herself as in a worse position than a southern slave? 3) How did Harriet Jacobs define freedom? 4) Would Harriet Jacobs have agreed that life in the north could be worse than life in the south? 5) How did the white characters in these two books view freedom? TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS : Your paper will be (roughly) five double-spaced
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Unformatted text preview: pages. Use specific examples from the three sources to make your arguments strong but do not quote any one citation at great length (a sentence or two will do for most quotations.) When quoting or paraphrasing material you must cite the material you use. The paper must be double-spaced and stapled in the upper left corner. SOURCES : Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Harriet Wilson Our Nig (Note that Jacobs’s account is an autobiography and thus is non-fiction and that Wilson’s book is a novel (though based on her life) and thus is fiction.) DUE DATE: Your paper is due in class on November 16. HONOR CODE : You may not consult with other students about this paper. All cited material must be fully documented (i.e. no plagiarism). Please sign your name on the title page to indicate that you have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on your paper....
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