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Our Nig Quotes 1) How did Frado define freedom? 2) Why did Frado see herself as in a worse position than a southern slave? Is freedom fact or fiction for slaves in North o Nig – first person plural pronoun and title given by family to reference Is an indentured servant therefore she becomes poverty-stricken and a pauper o No ready escape from labor is available o Even when free she is too frail to do much o Hard to get job and survive once becomes of age "I'll beat the money out of her, if I can't get her worth any other way," "Stop!" shouted Frado, "strike me, and I'll never work a mite more for you;" and throw- ing down what she had gathered, stood like one who feels the stirring of free and independent
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Unformatted text preview: thoughts. • As Mrs. B. was away, the brother and sister could freely sympathize – p59 • What a relief to her to be freed from the gnawing taunts of her adversary. p 63 • Mr. B - “The child does as much work as a woman ought to; and just see how sheis kicked about!”… “Women rule the earth, and all in it.” – p 25 o Ironic seeing that he said women in general; but black women are subjected to rape and adultery and never upbringing children – compare to Jacobs’s harsh view of slavery on black women – just used as slave child bearers • Mr. B – “Is she your prisoner?” – p 27...
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