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GIS 4035C Remote Sensing of the Environment Dr. Roberts Lab 1: Calculating the scale of an aerial photograph __/25 points Tip for calculations: make sure your using all the same units. The rest is simple algebra equations. Make sure to show your work and to circle your final answer. 1. Determine the scale/RF of an aerial photograph taken from 15,000 feet above mean sea level over a land surface having an elevation of 1,250 feet above mean sea level. Camera focal length is 8.25 inches. (5 points) 2. You need to obtain photographs at a scale of 4 inches per mile with a camera focal length of 6 inches. Average ground elevation of the area to be photographed is 1,500 feet above mean sea level. What flight altitude, in feet, above mean sea level must be maintained to obtain the desired scale? (5 Points) 3. Two points on a highway are exactly one mile apart. If the corresponding photo distance is 4.2 inches what is the scale of the photograph? (5 Points) For the remaining four questions, you will be using the measuring tool in ArcGIS. See
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rse_lab1_scale_question_sheet_100827 - GIS 4035C Remote...

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