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Intro To Mapping & GIS Summer 2010 new - Introduction...

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t o M a p p i n g & G I S Summer 2010 Syllabus Course #: GISC 3015-001 Meeting Day/Time: Weekly Lectures (Viewed Online) Meeting Location: Distance Learning Instructor: Brian Johnson E-Mail: [email protected] Office: PS 353 Office Hours: Fri. 1:00pm 4:00pm, Sat. 2:00pm 5:00pm Or by appointment Lecturer: James Gammack-Clark ( [email protected] ) The Following is a tentative outline only, and as such is subject to change. Required Textbooks and Material (Please get all 3 ASAP): 1) Campbell, John, Map Use and Analysis .4th Edition: McGraw-Hill: Boston, 2000. 2) Ormsby, T. et al., 2008. Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop: Basics of ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo , 2nd Edition. ESRI Press. (*note: Make sure to buy the 2008 edition, updated for ArcGIS 9.3, instead of an older one.) 3) U.S.G.S. Map, Las Pulgas Canyon, Ca. Course Objectives: This course is an introduction to cartography and is the cornerstone of the Geographic Information Science course sequence. It is also a required course for Field Methods, and all Geography and Geology majors at FAU. In this course, we will learn basic map design, map interpretation and appreciation. We will explore the nature of spatial data, and learn what maps can and cannot represent. We will explore maps as a data source for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This course is oriented towards maps as a graphic tool, an early form of Scientific Visualization. The design of computer maps using simple, inexpensive software will be
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Intro To Mapping & GIS Summer 2010 new - Introduction...

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