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Brian Ting English 323 Sports in literature and film Abilities Beyond Dreams Introduction “The chance of becoming a professional athlete is about 24,550 to 1, which means you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning (3) . ” Many athletes these days have one dream and one dream only, which is to make it to the big leagues . However, many athletes don’t take into consideration the challenges of not succeeding in the pros, which leaves no room for alternatives . In Hoop Dreams and Coach Carter, the only knowledge that the kids have is basketball . Themes from both movies dwell on the obsession of the game of basketball and the motivation of becoming the best without realizing the difficulties of the inner city life . The documentary Hoop Dreams reflects on the lives of two kids who seek their dreams of making it to the NBA . Although both kids have great talent and potential, they have setbacks such as coming from poor neighborhoods, having financial instability, and most importantly they lack education . Moreover, the movie Coach Carter, which is based on the true story of Ken Carter, reflects on how a voice of one coach can transcend the future for a group of disobedient kids . Financial Instability In Hoop Dreams, both Arthur Agee and William Gates are recruited to play for St . Joseph’s high school basketball team . The school promised partial tuition scholarships for the
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Ting 2 two students . The remainder of the tuition is paid through a scholarship fund from the Cabrini Green housing corporation . However, being financially secured with an athletic scholarship can be somewhat misleading . By the time William and Arthur are sophomores, the tuition increased meaning both of them had to pay out of their own pockets . Arthur gets kicked out of St . Joe’s because he simply cannot afford to pay the tuition . Arthur’s father had a huge affect on Arthur due to his substance abuse problems, which lead to resentment and anger from the Agee family . Although Arthur’s father claims that he was off the drugs for good, Arthur didn’t let his father faze him from chasing his dreams . I think Arthur was strong in not following his father’s footsteps with drugs, as well as setting aside his father’s issues with drugs . Arthur’s father’s addiction also affected the path of Arthur’s dream of being financially secured at St . Joe’s . Because Arthur’s father spent a great deal of his money on drugs, there’s a lot of burden on Arthur’s mother back . Although I can’t compare myself to Arthur because he had it more roughly, I do understand the importance of having a father’s support . Similar to Arthur’s dad, my father also had drug related issues, leaving my mother with a lot of responsibilities . Like Arthur, I look at this situation and use it as a personal motivation which only makes me thrive for accomplishing something greater . In addition, Arthur being kicked out is really hard on Arthur’s mother because she has
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english paper - Brian Ting English 323 Sports in literature...

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