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1 Measurements From Maps Before taking measurements, ensure that: Caution! The _______________ is appropriate. Accuracy Standards/Source are known. Appropriate Scale. Map is up-to-date. Map is in good condition (shrinkage, tears). Measurements From Maps (Cont.) Distance Measurements. Scaling - Using the scale to measure distance. Techniques can include engineer’s scale, dividers, or marks on the edge of a piece of paper. Map Measurer - Device to measure distance on the map (inches, cms etc.) and then converted into real world distance. Computer assisted - GIS programs, Arc Info, Arc View. Map Measurer
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2 Measurements From Maps (Cont.) Measuring Area. Direct Methods of Measurements. Scaling and computation – estimated directly if the feature is rectangular or square (city block or a building). Graphic Area Scale – superimposed upon transparent material that may be moved over the map. Polar Planimeter – an instrument used to measure area in square inches or centimeters. 9 16 25 Graphic Area Scale 1 4 Polar Planimeter
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