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Development Development involves specific, controlled events Growth and morphogenesis (cell division, enlargement, cell migration, cell fusion, apoptosis) Differentiation (determination, specific gene expression) Why do mice and flowers grow different than amoeba? The progeny of amoeba looks like parent, but on mouse and flower are different because of differentiation (area in which cells acquire different characteristics; ties into expression of the genes then too) Plants- Growth and morphogenesis: cell division, cell enlargement Growth of a plant comes from cell division and directed enlargement in ‘meristems’; most of cells are produced in apex; in shoot- small growing leaves All the process that are making the cell grow come from elongation of cells Disconnect between cell division (at apex) and elongation (occurs at other parts) Some plants get wider through a different meristem Specific areas and times in which cell division and elongation occur Animals- Specific events that produce events Migration of cells form the shape (no cell wall to keep them in place, so they move around) Growth of animal embryo comes from cell division and migration (cells going to one place to another) Not elongation Cell fusion- ex. Small cells fuse together to make long muscle fibers/cells; myoblasts fuse to form muscle fiber Apoptosis- Ex. Development of muscles in animals- if fiber gets damaged, then it dies
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notes-Development - Development Development involves...

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