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notes-Origins of Genes - Origins: Genes What are the...

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Origins: Genes What are the minimal requirements for life? No right answer; all of the above- catalysis, response to environment, growth, metabolism, heredity Catalysis and heredity- deep thinkers try to look at it from this perspective Catalysis involves proteins and heredity involves DNA Life needs to put together some sort of cell that does interaction between enzyme and DNA RNA as possible initial molecule of life; evolution of genetic code; evolution of genomes RNA as initial molecule- Ribozymes RNA can have self complementary processes that promotes RNA helixes; self complementarity promotes secondary structure; this secondary structure provides active sites; the 3D shape allows for the active sites which allow for catalysis; gives 3D structure can be acquired as well (tertiary); RNA catalyzes reactions Example- RNA catalyzes the formation of peptide bonds in the synthesis of proteins Group 1 introns- self excision More evidence- RNA virus genome (viruses that have RNA as genome; they can reproduce without going through DNA help; can reform RNA using itself as template) DNA synthesis primers mRNA Gene regulation by RNAi- involved in gene regulation RNA plays significant role; not unreasonable to say RNA played important part initially Can we have self replicating RNA? Can selection produce an RNA that is a good reproducer? Ex. Had ligase activity (ligase puts two things together); RNA ligase; ligase ribozyme 3D structure Template and primer had both
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Can enzyme add bases to primer to match the template Made random changes and additions
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notes-Origins of Genes - Origins: Genes What are the...

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