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notes-Origins of Cells - Origins Cells Bio-organic...

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Origins: Cells Bio-organic chemicals formed C H O S N compounds and source of energy Concentration of substrates for synthetic reactions may involve membranes Self-reproducing systems can be envisioned as starting with either a replicator (DNA type system) or with a complex metabolic system; interact to form biochemical membranes Clicker- What evidence for the existence of primeval life would you find most convincing? Traces of organic chemicals, fossils cells, inorganic chemicals out of equilibrium, rocks that were produced; no correct answer Geological stratigraphy- with radioactive dating, show the sequence of events in the history of the Earth Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and stromatolites (types of rocks formed by living organisms) only one billion years after the formation of the Earth and very soon after the last impact heating (rise in temperature rising from the impact of meteors hitting the earth) Life starts with chemistry- Showed you could form some conditions/biochemical naturally (i.e. on early earth) Setup- flask with water, and pumped methane, ammonia, hydrogen; water heated up, got steam; electrodes run through to stimulate lightning; then gases run through condenser to cool them off and warm water would go through circulation again; run for 7 days and chemical reactions started taking place A lot of compounds found that are associated with life; ex. Glycine and alamine and valine…etc. A lot of amino acids could be formed under ‘normal’ conditions
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notes-Origins of Cells - Origins Cells Bio-organic...

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