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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 August 26, 2010 Question: What can we learn from this reading about the relationship the Egyptians had to their gods? The relationship between the Egyptians and their gods was very intriguing to me as I read the text in the book of the dead. It seems like at the beginning of this exert the individuals who read from this, in this case the Egyptians who are professing their faith to the gods, try to prove their worth to speak to the gods by denying many wrong doings or actions which were inappropriate at the time. To prove this we can look at the first paragraph in the text and clearly see that many of the lines start with the words “I have not” followed by a list of actions seen as unfit. Next they show their loyalty to their gods by hailing them and naming their names and their known attributes. After their naming the text refers to the gods of the underworld and proclaims that they have done them no wrong. The text that exemplifies it is:
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Unformatted text preview: “Grant that I may come to you, For I have committed no faults, I have not sinned, I have not done evil, I have not lied, Therefore let nothing evil happen to me.”, In this text they exclaim to the gods to let them come and they proclaim that nothing has been done wrong in their part. This area of the address to the gods of the underworld reinforces the text in the introduction. After the address to the gods of the underworld there is a series of four examinations which are series of situations of an individual presenting themselves as pure and worthy to present themselves to the god Osiris. The overall text of the book of the dead is a humbling gesture in part of the individual writing it, as they humble themselves for the gods and proclaiming their worth to them to prove they are worthy of being presented to them....
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