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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 September 2, 2010 Question: How did the Mandate from Heaven affect the power of the Chinese emperor? The mandate from Heaven gave the king instructions on how to set up their reign. It told them how to act in order to be perceived as a powerful leader but also a kind hearted one. The mandate was a manuscript written in order to ensure the kings acted in the promise of their elders and in the well being of their subjects. As the mandate continues it also gives the emperor instructions on how to keep the officials working under him from exploiting their power, the mandate places strict consequences for those seen abusing their power. By the end the mandate
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Unformatted text preview: from heaven warns the emperor to take attention to the warnings and to think of them. The Mandate says “The ways of Heaven are not invariable” placing strict enforcement of the warnings placed in the context. And the mandate ends with one final warning to the emperor telling him, “If you not be virtuous, be it in large things or in small, it will bring the ruin of your ancestral temple”. In short the writing of the Mandate from Heaven bring forth a set of “warnings” for the emperor, these warnings seem more like rules to be followed, if these warnings are not followed strictly the consequences will be dire for their empire....
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