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Hist 1010 Question 4

Hist 1010 Question 4 - learn by stating"Anyone...

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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 September 8, 2010 Question: What did Confucius think was the epitome of a good leader? Do you agree or disagree with him? Why or why not? Confucius mainly believed in a leader that had to show in him what he expected from his followers. For example in the first paragraph it is stated that a leader must serve his parents; “That parents, when alive, should be served according to ritual…” showing that a good leader is no exception to the rules and rituals of society. A leader must show admirable qualities and also point out admirable qualities in others; this also means never pointing out flaws in others. He also sees education as being vital to ones growth; he also states that one must be prepared to
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Unformatted text preview: learn by stating: "Anyone learning without thought is lost; anyone thinking but not learning is in peril." This simply reiterates that if you’re not ready to learn and open to it then you are not going to receive anything. Overall Confucius asks of a leader to be a follower. A leader must know true humility in simpler things in life and have vast perspectives of it in order to be able to lead. That is why I agree with his teachings. To further the fact, how can one expect from ones followers which cannot be expected of one ’s self and that is what this whole exert is about....
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