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Hist 1010 Question 5 - knowledgeable and at peace The...

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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 September 16, 2010 Question: Why did Buddha call his teachings the “Middle Path”? Do you consider his teachings a moderate lifestyle? Buddha calls his teachings the middle path because it avoids two extremes in everyday life. One side is the one devoted to “pleasures” and the other is one devoted to “rnortifications”. By avoiding these two extremes one can go to the “Middle Path” and achieve great “insight, which leads to wisdom which conduces to calm, to knowledge” then to “total enlightenment” and then to “Nirvana”. Buddha called his teachings the middle path because they lead a person into self enlightenment and inner peace thus then being able to achieve a state where they may be
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Unformatted text preview: knowledgeable and at peace. The middle path also has it sets of rules named the “Right’s”. These rights were actions to be taken by a person looking to go down the middle path and are a set of guidelines to eventually reaching “Nirvana”. I believe that his teachings do fit into a moderate but conservative lifestyle. His teachings are looked as to be humble and proper by many people looking into them yet others may tend to disagree. In my personal opinion I believe these teachings allow people to live a life of peace if followed in these modern times or any other settings as well....
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