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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 September 22, 2010 Question: Do you agree or disagree with Plato’s view about who should rule a state? Plato’s view of a ruler of state is of an extraordinary individual. This individual should be truthful and a lover of wisdom. The individual should stand out even if faced with individuals of similar qualities. I agree with Plato in that a ruler of state should be an example of distinction to those he rules over. The reason I believe a ruler should have great distinction over his subjects is because you want a brilliant and outstanding person ruling state, not any monotonous, unimaginative individual who will not contribute any intellect towards the development of the
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Unformatted text preview: state. I also agree with Plato in stating that the ruler of state should be truthful and “never intentionally receive into their minds falsehood”. A truthful leader is expected in the time when this piece of writing was created and we would also hope to expect that of our leaders in modern time. Truthfulness is a characteristic that is essential in order for an individual to successfully rule a state and in order for the state to have them rule in harmony. These major characteristics in a leader of state are why I agree with Plato in his view about who should rule a state....
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