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Hist 1010 Question 10 - them do the right thing. It also...

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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 October 18, 2010 Question: What do you consider the best features of the political philosophy of Legalism, as explained in this reading? I think the best part if the political philosophy of legalism is the part that reads: “No evil or impropriety is allowed, all strive to be good men and true, and exert themselves in tasks great and small; none dares to idle or ignore his duties”. I considered this the best part of the philosophy of legalism because it seems to want to bring out the best in the citizens and to have
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Unformatted text preview: them do the right thing. It also has the citizens follow their task and be true. I think any passage or reading related to law which intends to bring out the best in the people it governs is an excellent passage. This passage not only tries to govern the people but also tries to have them do the right things on their own without outstanding threats of consequences....
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