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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 October 26, 2010 Question: What motivated William to give away some of his lands to found a monastery? William was motivated to give away some of his lands and possessions to found a monastery because he saw this as a way to merit everlasting rewards from god. William saw his positions here on earth as merely transitory possessions and that by giving away his lands he could show god that he was worthy to receive everlasting rewards. He states the intentions of his donation when he states that these are made for “I William and my wife Ingelberga - first for the
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Unformatted text preview: love of God; then for the soul. Of my lord king Odo, or my father and mother; for myself and my wife - for the salvation, namely, of our souls and bodies. William does not think about his worldly possessions but on creating a monastery to worship the holy apostles Peter and Paul. Through his worship and donations he sees that he may find a way to find himself on the good graces of god....
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