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Hist 1010 Question 14 - of the people when they are overrun...

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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 November 12, 2010 Question: How egalitarian is the society in Timbuktu? Timbuktu in the description given is not a very egalitarian society. In my renderings of the reading I have been able to see that the king looks down upon his inhabitants and punishes people who do not pay up to him. The women in this society are expected to cover up their face which is another fact that drives me to believe they are not an egalitarian society. The treatment
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Unformatted text preview: of the people when they are overrun and taken over is atrocious, to sell them all to slavery even the women and children is just repressive in nature and does not represent a egalitarian society at all. From the treatment of its residents to the people they take over the society in Timbuktu is anything but egalitarian....
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