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Hist 1010 Question 15

Hist 1010 Question 15 - toward god as an influence to the...

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Antonio Garcia HIST 1010 November 15, 2010 Question: How did Innocent III use his religious clout to influence politics? In these letters to papal policies it shows clearly how the church uses its influence to persuade law makers into seeing things in their perspective and influencing decisions into the favor of the church. The church quotes Jesus Christ in occasion to prove its point across. The promise of forgiveness of sins and doing what is in favor of god in order to influence politics, law and government is clearly seen in these writings. The writings show emotion and love
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Unformatted text preview: toward god as an influence to the lawmakers for example, On the Crusade and Trade with Saracens: Letter to the Venetians it is quoted saying “we are led by the paternal love which we have for you to forbid you to aid the Saracens by selling them, giving them, or exchanging with them, iron, flax, pitch, sharp instruments, rope, weapons, galleys, ships, and timbers, whether hewn or in the rough”. This proves that the church, through emotion, guilt, and a promise of forgiveness of sins influences government into passing and enforcing policy that it sees fit....
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