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Exam #1 Economic Hitmen and Globalization Exams are due by Sept 19 th : [email protected] 1. How does John Perkins define EHMs and what role do they play in globalization and the rise of the Global Empire? Explain the details of the triangle scheme developed by EHMs to globalize U.S. markets and capital interests in less developed countries. Be sure to mention the means of imperial expansion that it replaced and why this replacement was necessary. 2. How did the OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973 change the way our government does business in the Middle East? What were the goals and strategies used to ensure that an event like the embargo would never happen again? Explain in detail the arrangements that our government struck with Saudi Arabia that secured our
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Unformatted text preview: national interests forever. How was this deal a slightly different situation from EHM’s triangle schemes with developing countries? 3. Why does Perkins think that General Torrijos was a threat to the Global Empire network? What happens when the leaders of other countries refuse the invitations of U.S. corporations? Who or what are the jackals that Perkins describes? 4. What parallels does Perkins draw between current US foreign policy and our own in the colonial period (1600-1750s) before the American Revolution? What are some differences between our early Republic (as a young nation in the late 1700s) and our current role in the Global Empire? Are there similarities also?...
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