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Exam #2 Vandana Shiva’s Soil Not Oil Second exam due in my email inbox by Oct 17 th 1. How does Shiva connect the climate and food crises to the developing Global Empire? How does she conceive globalization’s impact on the peoples and environments of less industrialized countries? Van Jones’ discussed how poor people’s lives are affected disproportionately by global warming and climate crises in The Green Collar Economy . How does Shiva expand his analysis to people living outside the U.S.? 2. How does Shiva define eco-imperialism? Why does she disagree with some of the eco-industrial solutions that have been proposed to deal with global warming and
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Unformatted text preview: climate crises? Specify some of these solutions and why they are poor solutions to reversing global warming and climate crises. 3. Shiva observes that we need a paradigm shift from eco-imperialism to eco-justice (or Earth Democracy) in order to reverse deteriorating climate and environmental patterns. What does this paradigm shift entail for humanity? 4. What solutions does Shiva suggest to begin reversing climate crises and global warming? Give specific details of some of the programs and models that she proposes?...
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