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Social Entrepreneurial Project Due July 18 th 2010 Guidelines This assignment gives you an opportunity to develop and implement solutions to contemporary social and environmental problems here in your own community and the U.S. or abroad in some another country. Some of you will be inspired to tackle literacy, health, and poverty issues in second and third world contexts, while others will explore problems like homelessness, recycling and raising environmental awareness and participation in your communities. In previous classes, students have designed websites that educate and fundraise for a variety of issues abroad relating to hunger, education, health care, water and sewage in towns and villages in developing countries. Some of you may know of a school (local public or abroad in a developing country) that needs educational materials (books, desks, computer and educational technology, etc.) and can devise plans of how to procure some of these things from merchants or how to raise money to purchase them. One of my students from another school where I taught this course actually executed her plan with the City of Oakland. She is working as a landscape architect for the city re-landscaping poorer neighborhood parks and schools that have gone neglected and are an eye-sore. She draws up plans for rejuvenation in these places and is helping improve poorer areas of Oakland, making them attractive to live in. The point is to draw upon your talents and skills to design a program that addresses social problems and can sustain itself over an extended period of time. Two of our books, Tactics of Hope and Soil Not Oil , will be inspiring and helpful as they detail initiatives taken by other social entrepreneurs and activists who have been successful at combining social justice and entrepreneurial interests to create self-sustaining social intervention programs that redefine profit as the production of social and environmental good in the world. The assignment requires that you write a proposal or profile of the program, not actually implement it, although some students have chosen to do so. You will be required to consider everything from your company or
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