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Project2-2 - his hands behind his back You can spot a...

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It is important to make a good impression in a job interview. An interviewer can learn a lot about you form your body language. Body language is the use of expressions and movements rather then words to communicate feelings. People are rarely aware of how much they reveal about themselves through their posture, gestures and facial expressions. Listed below are features of body language for different tapes of personalities. Study the list so you will make a good impression in your job interview. An attentive person smiles, leans forward, maintains I contact and shows interest in the person speaking. A confident person has a firm handshake, sits ore stands up straight and holds
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Unformatted text preview: his hands behind his back. You can spot a cooperative person because he smiles, sets on the edge of his chair and has open hands. A person who is feeling defensive crosses his arms and has a sideways glance. A frustrated person clenches her fists, rings her hands, or rubs her hands through her hare. You no a person is nervous if he is fidgeting, looking around and avoids eye contact. A bored person stairs into space, has a slumped posture, and fiddles with objects. Remember when interviewing for a job, use the body language of an attentive, confident and cooperative person. Body Language...
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