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Project3 - Hawaiian Pizza $13.75 Pasta Dishes Spaghetti...

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Luigi’s Pizza “The Best Pizza in Town” All of our pizzas are made from the freshest ingredients. You will not find a better-tasting pizza anywhere. You can choose original white crust or honey butter crust. We serve the following types of pizza and pasta: Specialty Pizzas Original Supreme Pizza $12.50 Meat Deluxe Pizza $12.75 Vegetable Supreme Pizza $12.00 Green Chile Chicken Pizza. $13.75 Barbeque Beef and Cheddar Pizza $13.75
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Unformatted text preview: Hawaiian Pizza $13.75 Pasta Dishes Spaghetti $9.00 Ravioli $9.00 Manicotti $10.00 Tortellini $10.50 Build Your Own Pizza Start with a plain cheese pizza and add as many ingredients you want. The price of a cheese pizza is $7.50 for a small and $9.50 for a large. Add $1 for each additional topping: Pepperoni Sausage Beef Onions Jalapenos Olives Mushrooms Bell peppers Anchovies Bacon Green Chilies Tomatoes Come again!...
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