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Roman Numberals The ancient Romans used only seven letters to represent their numbers. It is important to learn about Roman numberals because they are still used today on things such as clocks and to number chapters in books. The following table shows the Arabic values of the seven Roman numberals: When calculating the value of Roman numberals, you need to follow two rules: If a number the same size or smaller is placed after a Roman numberal, you will add the
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Unformatted text preview: number. For example, VI (5 + 1) equals six and XV (10 + 5) equals fifteen. If a smaller number is placed before a Roman numberal, you will subtract the number. For example, IV (5-1) equals four and XL (50 – 10) equals forty. Key the Arabic numberal for each Roman numberal in the following table: Roman Numberal Arabic Numberal III XIV XXVIII LXX DCCCX MMVI...
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