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Zhixin Chen Dr. E-A Eng 1102 – Section (5) 09/13/2010 Question 1 On page 3, David Bartholomae and Anthony Petriosky argue that “and this was true of students who were not minority students and not literally on scholarships”. In Longman Dictionary, there are four definitions of the word “literally”. 1. Exactly; 2. Used for giving force to an adjective; 3. Word by word; 4. According to the words and not the intention. However, “scholarship” is a noun, “literally” is an adverb. How to explain the word “literally” in this sentence?
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Unformatted text preview: Question 2 On page 2, David Bartholomae and Anthony Petriosky said that “the odds are good that what each of us makes of the essay will vary from one to another”. Does the word “odds” means strange things? Why strange things are good? Question 3 Adrienne Rich is quoted in text said that “not to pass on a tradition but to break its hold over us.” (qtd. In Bartholomae and Petrosky 9). I cannot understand the phrase “hold over”. Is it means pass over?...
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