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Unformatted text preview: Pointers Introduction Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com What is Pointer CS Dept. Location A: Highway Intersection Location C: Crabapple Tree Bring your money to IUPUI SL-280 to exchange hostage Phone rings and says “Deliver ransom to I-65 and West St. intersection “Find next message on the top of traffic light on Michigan St. and West St. Location B: Traffic Light “Find Instruction Under The crabapple tree next to old law school ” Location D: IUPUI SL-280 Hostage CS A B C D A pointer is an address. Address of next location Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com What is Pointer Example: Find out who is with Woodstock Pig Pen Lucy Sally Linus among peanut gang? Charlie Woodstock “ Lucy knows ” “Sally knows” “ Linus knows ” “ Charlie knows ” noopy knows ” “S Snoopy Woodstock is with Snoopy Pig Pen points to Lucy; Lucy points to Sally; Sally points to Linus; Linus points to Charlie; Charlie points to Snoopy; Snoopy has Woodstock An instance uses a pointer to link to a next Linus Charlie instance making a chain. Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com … Snoopy Pointer declarations: datatype snoopy, *charlie, **linus; snoopy = ; /* snoopy’s content is Woodstock */ charlie = &snoopy; /* charlie’s content is the info (pointer) to locate snoopy, which is snoopy’s address*/ linus = &charlie; /* linus’s content is the info (pointer) to locate charlie, which is charlie’s address*/ In general, we can rewrite charlie using variable of snoopyPtr using (Snoopy’s pointer) and rewrite linus using variable of (Snoopy’s and using snoopyPtrPtr (pointer to Snoopy’s pointer); Note that this is only a naming convention. The only requirement is that the variable be a valid identifier: begin with a letter followed by letters, digits or _. letters, Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Variable Declarations and Initialization Pointers Pointers Definition: Definition: A pointer is a variable that contains address pointer of another variable. of A powerful feature of C, but difficult to master Pointers enable programs to simulate call-byPointers simulate reference and create/manipulate dynamic data reference structures Close relationship with arrays and strings Close Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer variables Contain memory addresses as their values Normal variables contain a specific value (direct reference) count 7 Pointers contain address of a variable that has a specific Pointers value (indirect reference) value countPtr count 7 Indirection – referencing a pointer value Indirection Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Variable Declarations Pointer Declarations type *variable_name * used with pointer variables Example: int *myPtr; int Declares a pointer to an int (pointer of type int *) Declares int int Multiple pointers require using a * before each variable Multiple declaration declaration Can declare pointers to any data type Example: int *myPtr1, *myPtr2; float *pq; char *pc; Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Variable Initialization Initialize pointers to 0, NULL, or an address Initialize NULL 0 or NULL – points to nothing (NULL preferred) NULL Example: int *ptr, x; 5000 ptr FFFF x x=10; 5000 ptr FFFF x 10 x 10 ptr ptr = &x; 5000 FFFF FFFF Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Operators &: Address Operator Returns address of operand int y = 5; int *yPtr; int yPtr = &y; yPtr /* yPtr “points to” y */ /* “points /* yPtr gets address of y */ /* gets yptr y 5 500000 600000 600000 yPtr y 5 address of y is the value of yPtr Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Operators * : Indirection / De-referencing Operator Returns a synonym/alias of what its operand Returns points to points *yptr returns y (because yptr points to y) *yptr yptr * can be used for assignment that returns alias to an object an *yptr = 7; // changes y to 7 Dereferenced pointer (operand of *) must be a Dereferenced must variable (no constants) variable * and & are inverses They cancel each other out They Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Pointer Operators Example: int i = 5; int *pi; pi = &i; /* place the address of i into pi */ Assume Symbol Table variable address value at the address i pi 874 902 5 874 pi 902 874 874 i 5 i.e. &i = 874, i = 5; &pi = 902, pi = 874; *pi = ? *pi = 5; *pi *pi = *pi * 2; *pi *pi *= 2; *pi // same as i = 5; // // same as i = i * 2; // // same as i *= 2; // Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com Example: int i,*pi,**ppi; i = 5; pi = &i; ppi = π 108 Variable Address Value at address i pi ppi 104 100 104 108 i 5 Value 5 100 104 ppi 104 pi 100 100 Usage pi *pi &pi ppi *ppi **ppi Meaning address of int int value address of pointer address of pointer address of int 100 5 104 104 100 5 Dale Roberts www.kite-legends.blogspot.com int value ...
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