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CLEANING THE SHOP: 1. First thing you want to do is make sure that the machines are running so that we are making money. 2. Pick up any garbage off of the ground and put it into one of the designated garbage cans. 3. Check each garbage can, and if ¾ full take out to dumpster. Key is on the Load in door by the Dura machine. Primary garbage’s to check are located in front of the Dura, Doosan, NL2500, and Matsura. There are other garbage’s beneath the machines that catch the excess metal; these need to be taken out also when they reach ¾ full. Make sure that machine is not running when removing garbage container from catching end. 4. Sweep the shop floor. Typically sweep in front of every machine, behind every machine, and to the side of some machines. The floor should be cleaned up regularly to ensure that no one slips and/or steps on sharp metal pieces.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Every other day the floors need to be mopped, unless immediate need is present. Oil and coolant left unattended can cause slips, and injuries. 6. Make sure that the Matsura is relatively clean inside. If it is not, use the shop vacuum to clean it out. You will need to dump the shop vacuum out about 3 times before the Matsura will be cleaned out if the machine is relatively dirty. 7. Also make sure that you check the coolant levels of each machine, and use the refractometer to check the level of coolant! 8. On the Dura you need to vacuum out the 2 filters on the south side, and also the two front on the east side of the machine. 9. Make sure that there is not extra garbage on the tables and that the tables look organized and are equipped with a pair of calipers. If you have nothing to do… CLEAN!...
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