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Frequently Asked Questions P a g e | 1 Small World Microloans SWM 2130 18 th Street N.W. Washington, DC 20005 www.swm.course.com Small World Microloans (SWM) is taking on global poverty one small step at a time—by replacing donations with microloans. What is a microloan? A microloan is a very small loan—usually $200 or less—given to people living below the poverty level. Because these people have no collateral, they do not qualify for conventional bank loans. What role does SWM play? SWM helps entrepreneurs in developing countries form microloan groups. Then it links them to sources of funding, who are usually donors from more prosperous countries. What is the purpose of a microloan? People receiving microloans—nearly all of them women—use the funds to start or expand very small businesses. They use the profits from these micro businesses to provide better nutrition and education to their children—and to expand their businesses, striving for economic independence. How do people pay back the loans?
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CS_Word_1a_KellyShumaker_2 - Frequently Asked Questions...

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